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Subject Area - TABL  Term - Term 2 2019

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Comp Sect Class Type Status Enr/Cap % Full Times (weeks, Location) - default 1hour 
TABL1710   Business and the Law
CRSCR01 2378Open274/400 69%   (Course Enrolment)
TABL2721   Business Law in Action
CRSCR01 2372Open32/55 58%   (Course Enrolment)
TABL2751   Business Taxation
CRSCR01 2373Full399/400 100%   (Course Enrolment)
TABL2756   International Business Tax.
CRSCR01 2579Open43/45 96%   (Course Enrolment)
TABL3003   Taxation of Corporations
CRSCR02 2380Open4/10 40%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 2379Open2/6 33%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL3028   Int. Tax: Design & Structure
CRSCR01 2581Open0/6 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL3752   Capital Gains Tax
CRSCR01 2611Open17/32 53%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL3781   Intellectual Property for Busi
CRSCR01 2289Open25/26 96%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL4721   Special Topic in Business Law
CRSCR01 1229Open*0/4 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL4722   Special Topic in Taxation
CRSCR01 1230Open*0/1 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5503   Taxation of Corporations
CRSCR02 2479Open8/20 40%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 2478Open40/50 80%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5515   Taxation of Capital Gains
CRSCR02 2677Open11/20 55%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 2676Open36/40 90%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5517   Intellectual Property for Bus
CRSCR01 2644Open1/6 17%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5518   Consolidat'ns&GroupStructures
CRSCR01 2678Open7/30 23%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5528   Int Tax: Design and Structure
CRSCR01 2681Open11/26 42%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5537   Double Tax Agreements
CRSCR01 2682Open10/30 33%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5541   Corporations and Bus Assoc Law
CRSCR01 2446Open78/340 23%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5550   PrinciplesTax Transfer Pricing
CRSCR01 2617Open16/36 44%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5551   Taxation Law
CRSCR01 2459Open120/325 37%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5580   Current Research Probs in Tax
CRSCR01 2666Full*1/1 100%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5581   International Tax Research
CRSCR01 2286Open*0/2 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5583   International Business Tax
CRSCR01 2447Open5/10 50%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5584   Special Topic in Business Law
CRSCR01 1227Open*0/2 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5805   Research Methods in Tax&BusLaw
CRSCR01 2697Open0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL5810   Dissertation Proposal
CRSCR01 3047Open0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
THE0001 3227EnrOpen0/5 0%  
TABL5901   Principles of Aust Tax Law
CRSCR01 2448Open4/26 15%   (Course Enrolment, )
TABL6000   PhD Thesis Tax & Bus Law F/T
CRSCR01 3048Open0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
THE0001 3228EnrOpen3/8 38%  
TABL6001   PhD Thesis Tax & Bus Law P/T
CRSCR01 2984Open0/7 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
THE0001 3270EnrOpen1/8 13%  
TABL6010   Master Thesis Tax&BusLaw F/T
CRSCR01 2970Open0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
THE0001 3271EnrOpen0/5 0%  
TABL6011   Master Thesis Tax&BusLaw P/T
CRSCR01 3031Open0/4 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
THE0001 3476EnrOpen1/5 20%  
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* This class requires consent. Students cannot self-enrol.
# Timetable clash allowed.
/odd  Runs in odd weeks only.     /even  Runs in even weeks only.
Comb/w Jointly taught with corresponding class(es) for specified course(s). Capacity shown is effective capacity.
      Effective capacity is the class capacity less any places taken by students in the other jointly-taught classes.
[  ] Class capacity where different from effective capacity.
Shaded cells:  LEC Activity different from previous
Stop Status is Stop Further Enrolment, Tentative, Closed or Cancelled
100%   Class is full (> 100% means capacity is exceeded)
80%   Class is nearly full (80% or more)
50%   Class is half full
0%   Class is less than half full