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Subject Area - SART  Term - Semester 2 2017

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Comp Sect Class Type Status Enr/Cap % Full Times (weeks, Location) - default 1hour 
SART1002   Fine Arts Gateway 2
STDF14A 7524EnrFull24/24 100%   Fri 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
STDH10A 7522EnrOpen22/24 92%   Thu 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F122)
STDH14A 7520EnrOpen21/24 88%   Thu 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F122)
STDH14B 7521EnrCanc0/24 0%   Thu 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13)
STDM09A 7516EnrOpen22/24 92%   Mon 09-12 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F201)
STDM09B 7517EnrCanc0/24 0%   Mon 09-12 (w1-6,8-9,10-13)
STDM13A 7518EnrOpen22/24 92%   Mon 13-16 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F201)
STDM13B 7519EnrOpen20/24 83%   Mon 13-16 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F122)
STDT10A 7523EnrOpen21/24 88%   Tue 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F201)
STDT10B 7525EnrOpen22/24 92%   Tue 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F122)
SART1311   Making: Painting
STDF10A 4009EnrOpen23/24 96%   Fri 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F201)
STDF14A10526EnrOpen20/24 83%   Fri 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F201)
STDH10A 4006EnrOpen23/24 96%   Thu 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F201)
STDH14A 4007EnrOpen22/24 92%   Thu 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F201)
STDT14A 4008EnrOpen22/24 92%   Tue 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F201)
SART1312   Making: Photography
STDH09A 4010EnrOpen18/22 82%   Thu 09-12 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D DB05)
STDH12A 4011EnrOpen21/22 95%   Thu 12-15 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D DB05)
STDM12A 4012EnrOpen21/22 95%   Mon 12-15 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D DB05)
STDT10A10463EnrOpen21/22 95%   Tue 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D DB05)
SART1313   Making: Printmaking
STDM09A 4013EnrOpen17/22 77%   Mon 09-12 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D G117)
STDM14A 4014EnrOpen19/22 86%   Mon 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D G117)
SART1502   Drawing
STDH14A 4290EnrOpen23/24 96%   Thu 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
STDM10A 4291EnrOpen23/24 96%   Mon 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
STDM14A 4292EnrOpen22/24 92%   Mon 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
STDM17A10690EnrFull25/24 > 100%   Mon 17-20 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F201)
STDT10A 4288EnrOpen23/24 96%   Tue 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
STDT14A 4289EnrFull24/24 100%   Tue 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
STDW18A 4293EnrOpen23/24 96%   Wed 18-21 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
SART2102   Fabrication Skills
STDM10A 7305EnrCanc0/22 0%   Mon 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13)
SART2402   Painting and the Body
STDF10A 7896EnrOpen20/24 83%   Fri 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F302A)
STDH10A 7895EnrOpen21/24 88%   Thu 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F302A)
STDW10A 7894EnrOpen23/24 96%   Wed 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F302A)
SART2403   Painting: Space, Time & Place
STDM10A 7897EnrOpen13/24 54%   Mon 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F302A)
STDT10A 7898EnrOpen18/24 75%   Tue 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F302A)
SART2404   Printmaking: Etching
STDW14A 7899EnrOpen18/22 82%   Wed 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D G117)
SART2406   Printmaking: Lithography
STDW10A 7900EnrOpen17/22 77%   Wed 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D G117)
SART2409   SPI: Poetics
STDM10A 7901EnrOpen23/24 96%   Mon 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F123)
STDW14A 7902EnrCanc0/24 0%   Wed 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13)
SART2411   SPI: Space Content Action
STDM15A 7904EnrCanc0/24 0%   Mon 15-18 (w1-6,8-9,10-13)
STDW10A 7903EnrOpen22/24 92%   Wed 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F123)
SART2413   Drawing and the individual
STDH10A 7907EnrOpen21/24 88%   Thu 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
STDW10A 7905EnrOpen20/24 83%   Wed 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
STDW14A 7906EnrOpen22/24 92%   Wed 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
SART2415   Photo Interventions & Fictions
TUTM15A 7874EnrOpen20/22 91%   Mon 15-18 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F206)
TUTW09A 7875EnrOpen20/22 91%   Wed 09-12 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D DB05)
SART2417   Photography and Shaping Light
TUTF09A 7877EnrOpen21/22 95%   Fri 09-12 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F202)
TUTH12A 7876EnrOpen20/22 91%   Thu 12-15 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F202)
SART2818   Custom Printing
STDF10A 4015EnrOpen4/5 80%   Fri 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D G117) Comb/w SART2819 SART9745-PGRD SART9746-PGRD
SART2819   Advanced Custom Printing
STDF10A 4016EnrFull3/2 > 100%   Fri 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D G117) Comb/w SART2818 SART9745-PGRD SART9746-PGRD
SART2829   Anatomy for Artists
STDW10A 4017EnrFull24/24 100%   Wed 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F201)
STDW14A 4018EnrOpen22/24 92%   Wed 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F201)
SART3402   Painting: Studio in Context
STDW09A 7908EnrOpen23/24 96%   Wed 09-12 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F308)
STDW09B 7909EnrOpen19/24 79%   Wed 09-12 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F308)
SART3403   Painting: Studio Practice
STDW13A 7910EnrOpen22/24 92%   Wed 13-16 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F308)
SART3405   Print: Ind. Studio Practice
STDH10A 7911EnrOpen20/22 91%   Thu 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D G117)
SART3410   Relational Art
STDH10A 7912EnrOpen16/24 67%   Thu 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F123)
SART3411   SPI: Research
STDT10A 7913EnrFull24/24 100%   Tue 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F123)
SART3413   Drawing: Studio practice
STDF10A 7914EnrFull24/24 100%   Fri 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F308)
STDF10B 7915EnrFull24/24 100%   Fri 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F308)
SART3415   Photo: Independent Studies
STDM12A 8026EnrOpen13/22 59%   Mon 12-15 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F202)
STDW12A 8027EnrOpen16/22 73%   Wed 12-15 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F202)
SART3417   Photographies Expanded Fields
STDM09A 8028EnrCanc0/22 0%   Mon 09-12 (w1-6,8-9,10-13)
STDW15A 8029EnrOpen21/22 95%   Wed 15-18 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F202)
SART9001   Studio Concepts and Practices
STDW14A 8376EnrCanc0/24 0%   Wed 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13)
STDW18A 8377EnrOpen18/24 75%   Wed 18-21 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F308A)
SART9002   Process and Materiality
STDT14A 8407EnrCanc0/24 0%   Tue 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13)
STDT18A 8408EnrOpen20/28 71%   Tue 18-21 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F308A)
SART9003   The Consolidated Studio
STDH14A 8351EnrCanc0/24 0%   Thu 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13)
STDH18A 8352EnrOpen24/28 86%   Thu 18-21 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F308A)
SART9104   Addition and Aggregation
STDW14A 8354EnrOpen20/24 83%   Wed 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F122)
STDW18A 8353EnrCanc0/24 0%   Wed 18-21 (w1-6,8-9,10-13)
SART9115   Professional Practice
LECA 8672RelOpen13/24 54%   Wed 16 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F206)
TUTW17A 8673EnrOpen13/24 54%   Wed 17-19 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F206)
SART9204   Capstone Project
STDM14A 8766EnrOpen12/24 50%   Mon 14-17 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F308A); Mon 18-21 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F308A)
SART9205   Project Paper
LECA 8674RelOpen13/24 54%   Tue 15 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F206)
TUTT16A 8675EnrOpen13/24 54%   Tue 16-18 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F206)
SART9206   Serial Imagery: Making Prints
STDF13A 8595EnrOpen21/22 95%   Fri 13-16 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D DB05)
STDH15A 8596EnrFull23/22 > 100%   Thu 15-18 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D DB05)
SART9704   The Laptop Atelier
STDH18A 4019EnrOpen15/24 63%   Thu 18-21 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D D104)
SART9708   Figure and Figuration
STDF10A 4312EnrOpen19/24 79%   Fri 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
STDT18A 4313EnrOpen20/24 83%   Tue 18-21 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D F205)
SART9745   Custom Printing
STDF10A 4844EnrOpen11/14 79%   Fri 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D G117) Comb/w SART2818-UGRD SART2819-UGRD SART9746
SART9746   Advanced Custom Printing
STDF10A 4845EnrOpen0/1 0%   Fri 10-13 (w1-6,8-9,10-13, A&D G117) Comb/w SART2818-UGRD SART2819-UGRD SART9745
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* This class requires consent. Students cannot self-enrol.
# Timetable clash allowed.
/odd  Runs in odd weeks only.     /even  Runs in even weeks only.
Comb/w Jointly taught with corresponding class(es) for specified course(s). Capacity shown is effective capacity.
      Effective capacity is the class capacity less any places taken by students in the other jointly-taught classes.
[  ] Class capacity where different from effective capacity.
Shaded cells:  LEC Activity different from previous
Stop Status is Stop Further Enrolment, Tentative, Closed or Cancelled
100%   Class is full (> 100% means capacity is exceeded)
80%   Class is nearly full (80% or more)
50%   Class is half full
0%   Class is less than half full