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Subject Area - PTRL  Term - Semester 1 2017

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Comp Sect Class Type Status Enr/Cap % Full Times (weeks, Location) - default 1hour 
PTRL1010   Intro. to Petroleum Industry
LECA 4473EnrOpen28/142 [150] 20%   Thu 18-21 (w1-7,8-12, ChemSc M18) Comb/w PTRL5015-PGRD
PTRL2010   Business Practices - Pet Eng
LECA 4474EnrOpen47/90 52%   Mon 08-10 (w1-7,8-12, ChemSc M11); Thu 08-10 (w1-7,8-12, Law Th G02)
PTRL2019   Reservoir Engineering A
LECA 6450EnrOpen4/75 5%   Mon 18-21 (w1-7,8-12, Webst ThB); Wed 18-21 (w1-7,8-12, ChemScM17) Comb/w PTRL5019-PGRD
PTRL3001   Reservoir Engineering B
LECA 4475EnrOpen97/108 90%   Tue 09-11 (w1-7,8-12, ColomboThA); Wed 12-14 (w1-7,8-12, CLB 8) Comb/w PTRL5007-PGRD
PTRL3003   Field Develop Geol &Geophysics
LE1001 4476EnrOpen95/98 97%   Fri 09-12 (w1-7,8-12, ColomboThC) Comb/w PTRL5006-PGRD
LE2002 4477RelOpen95/98 97%   Wed 09-12 (w1-7,8-12, ColomboThB) Comb/w PTRL5014-PGRD
PTRL3015   Well Drilling Equip&Operations
LAB501 4478RelTent0/35 0%   Fri 13-16 (w2-7,8-13, TETB LG29)
LAB502 4479RelFull35/35 100%   Mon 09-12 (w2-7,8-13, TETB LG29)
LAB503 4480RelOpen25/35 71%   Wed 15-18 (w2-7,8-13, TETB LG29)
LAB504 4481RelFull35/35 100%   Tue 12-15 (w2-7,8-13, TETB LG29)
LEC001 4482EnrOpen95/108 88%   Thu 12-15 (w1-7,8-12, ColomboThA) Comb/w PTRL5009-PGRD
PTRL4010   Oil&Gas Field Eval. Thesis "A"
TUT1A 4483EnrOpen83/120 69%   Tue 15-18 (w1-7,8-12, Webst ThA)
PTRL4012   Enhanced Oil & Gas Recovery
LECA 4838EnrOpen91/95 [100] 96%   Tue 12-14 (w1-7,8-12, ElecEngG25) Comb/w PTRL5012-PGRD
TUTF12A 4839RelTent*0/100 0%   Fri 12-14 (w2-7,8-13, TETB G15) Comb/w PTRL5012-PGRD
TUTF16A11199RelOpen91/96 [100] 95%   Fri 16-18 (w2-7,8-13, TETB G16) Comb/w PTRL5012-PGRD
PTRL4020   Natural Gas Engineering
LECA 4484EnrOpen87/139 [150] 63%   Wed 15-17 (w1-7,8-12, ColomboThC) Comb/w PTRL5010-PGRD
TU1501 4485RelOpen87/150 58%   Fri 14-16 (w2-7,8-13, TETB G16) Comb/w PTRL5010-PGRD
PTRL4024   Drilling Fluids & Cementing
LECA 7457EnrOpen33/68 49%   Mon 15-18 (w1-7,8-12, ChemSc M18) Comb/w PTRL5024-PGRD
PTRL4040   Research Thesis A
THEA 9141EnrOpen*11/50 22%   Tue 15-18 (w1-7,8-12, Webst ThA)
PTRL4041   Research Thesis B
THEA 9179EnrOpen0/15 0%   Mon 12-15 (w1-7,8-12, Sqhouse218)
PTRL5006   Field Dev Geol - Pet Eng
LE1001 4486EnrOpen24/33 73%   Fri 09-12 (w1-7,8-12, ColomboThC) Comb/w PTRL3003-UGRD
PTRL5007   Reservoir Engineering
LECA 4487EnrOpen68/100 68%   Tue 09-11 (w1-7,8-12, ColomboThA); Wed 12-14 (w1-7,8-12, CLB 8) Comb/w PTRL3001-UGRD
PTRL5009   Well Drilling Equip&Operations
LECA 4488EnrOpen76/100 76%   Thu 12-15 (w1-7,8-12, ColomboThA) Comb/w PTRL3015-UGRD
PTRL5010   Natural Gas Engineering
LECA 4489EnrOpen11/50 22%   Wed 15-17 (w1-7,8-12, ColomboThC) Comb/w PTRL4020-UGRD
TU1501 4490RelOpen11/50 22%   Fri 14-16 (w2-7,8-13, TETB G16) Comb/w PTRL4020-UGRD
PTRL5012   Enhanced Oil & Gas Recovery
LECA 4491EnrOpen64/68 [70] 94%   Tue 12-14 (w1-7,8-12, ElecEngG25) Comb/w PTRL4012-UGRD
TUTF12A 4492RelTent*0/70 0%   Fri 12-14 (w2-7,8-13, TETB G15) Comb/w PTRL4012-UGRD
TUTF16A11198RelOpen64/69 [90] 93%   Fri 16-18 (w2-7,8-13, TETB G16) Comb/w PTRL4012-UGRD
PTRL5013   Petroleum Geology
DSTRM0210878EnrOpen3/20 15%  
LECA 7903EnrOpen31/38 82%   Fri 14-16 (w1-7,8-12, BUS 105); Fri 14-16 (w13, BUS 105)
LECRM0110770EnrClosed0/50 0%   Fri 14-17 (w1-7,8-12)
PTRL5014   Petroleum Geophysics
DST0110877EnrOpen2/10 20%  
LE2001 7904EnrOpen23/50 46%   Wed 09-12 (w1-7,8-12, ColomboThB) Comb/w PTRL3003-UGRD
PTRL5015   Overview - Petroleum Industry
LECA 5494EnrOpen48/55 87%   Thu 18-21 (w1-7,8-12, ChemSc M18) Comb/w PTRL1010-UGRD
PTRL5019   Fundamentals of Res Eng
LECA 9231EnrOpen38/50 76%   Mon 18-21 (w1-7,8-12, Webst ThB); Wed 18-21 (w1-7,8-12, ChemScM17) Comb/w PTRL2019-UGRD
PTRL5024   Drilling Fluids & Cementing
LECA 5318EnrOpen66/79 84%   Mon 15-18 (w1-7,8-12, ChemSc M18) Comb/w PTRL4024-UGRD
PTRL5100   Geomechanics A
LECA 9139EnrOpen5/60 [70] 8%   Mon 12-14 (w1-7,8-12, RC Theatre); Thu 15-17 (w1-7,8-12, RC Theatre) Comb/w PTRL5100-PGRD
LECA 9140EnrOpen40/50 80%   Mon 12-14 (w1-7,8-12, RC Theatre); Thu 15-17 (w1-7,8-12, RC Theatre) Comb/w PTRL5100-UGRD
PTRL5102   Digital Core Analysis
LECA 9199EnrClosed0/40 0%   Tue 16-19 (w1-7,8-12); Thu 16-19 (w1-7,8-12)
PTRL6001   Reservoir Engineering 1
DST0110109EnrOpen3/30 10%  
PTRL6003   Well Pressure Testing
DST0110110EnrOpen4/30 13%  
PTRL6007   Reservoir Engineering 2
DST0110111EnrOpen0/30 0%  
PTRL6008   Petroleum Production Economics
DST0110112EnrOpen3/30 10%  
PTRL6009   Well Drilling Equip&Operations
DST0411055EnrOpen2/30 7%  
PTRL6012   Drilling Mud
DST0110113EnrOpen3/30 10%  
PTRL6025   Well Control & Blowout Prevent
DST0110114EnrOpen16/30 53%  
PTRL6027   Casing Design & Cementing
DST0110115EnrOpen5/30 17%  
PTRL6032   Coal Seam Gas Engineering
DST0110116EnrOpen*0/10 0%  
PTRL6100   F/T Res Thesis Petroleum Eng S
THE0001 1431EnrFull38/30 > 100%  
PTRL6107   Formation Evaluation
DST0110117EnrOpen3/30 10%  
PTRL7011   Petroleum Eng PG Project A
THE0110118EnrOpen46/70 66%  
PTRL7012   Petroleum Eng PG Project B
THE7010119EnrOpen36/70 51%  
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# Timetable clash allowed.
/odd  Runs in odd weeks only.     /even  Runs in even weeks only.
Comb/w Jointly taught with corresponding class(es) for specified course(s). Capacity shown is effective capacity.
      Effective capacity is the class capacity less any places taken by students in the other jointly-taught classes.
[  ] Class capacity where different from effective capacity.
Shaded cells:  LEC Activity different from previous
Stop Status is Stop Further Enrolment, Tentative, Closed or Cancelled
100%   Class is full (> 100% means capacity is exceeded)
80%   Class is nearly full (80% or more)
50%   Class is half full
0%   Class is less than half full