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Subject Area - PHCM  Term - Term 2 2019

PHCM2004 PHCM2006 PHCM2009 PHCM9010 PHCM9082 PHCM9103
PHCM9146 PHCM9148 PHCM9150 PHCM9151 PHCM9152 PHCM9381
PHCM9443 PHCM9518 PHCM9612 PHCM9622 PHCM9701 PHCM9761
PHCM9783 PHCM9784 PHCM9785 PHCM9786 PHCM9788

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Comp Sect Class Type Status Enr/Cap % Full Times (weeks, Location) - default 1hour 
PHCM2004   Communicable Disease
CRSCR01 1480Open2/20 10%   (Course Enrolment)
PHCM2006   Public Health Policy Programs
CRSCR01 1447Open1/20 5%   (Course Enrolment)
PHCM2009   Global Hlth Lifestyle Diseases
CRSCR01 1577Open5/20 25%   (Course Enrolment)
PHCM9010   Community Development
CRSCR02 1696Open7/20 35%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1695Open8/20 40%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9082   Advanced HE & FM
CRSCR02 1118Open13/15 87%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1117Open1/15 7%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9103   Independent Study (6 UoC)
CRSCR01 1477Open*0/10 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9146   Project - Part B (6uoc)
CRSCR01 1661Open*0/10 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9148   Minor Project (6 UoC)
CRSCR01 2694Open*0/15 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9150   Major Project (18 UoC)
CRSCR01 2480Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9151   Major Project (9 UoC)
CRSCR01 2458Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9152   Major Project (6 UoC)
CRSCR01 2714Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9381   Policy Studies
CRSCR02 1194Open11/20 55%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1193Open9/20 45%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9443   Hlth Econ & Fin for Dev. Count
CRSCR02 2190Open6/20 30%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 2189Open6/15 40%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9518   Advanced Epidemiology
CRSCR02 1949Open7/20 35%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1948Open4/15 27%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9612   Environmental Health
CRSCR02 2680Open8/20 40%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 2679Open7/20 35%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9622   The Global HIV Epidemic
CRSCR02 1120Open6/30 20%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1119Open4/25 16%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9701   Health Leadership
CRSCR02 1332Open34/200 17%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1331Open7/80 9%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9761   PH Aspects of Mental Health
CRSCR01 1255Open12/36 33%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9783   Com Disease Control in HE & D
CRSCR02 1628Open12/20 60%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1627Open7/20 35%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9784   Tropical Disease Control
CRSCR02 1622Open1/50 2%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1621Open1/30 3%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9785   Predictive modelling in PH
CRSCR02 1220Open8/15 53%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1219Open3/15 20%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9786   Global Approaches CVD & Cancer
CRSCR02 2257Open8/30 27%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 2256Open9/20 45%   (Course Enrolment, )
PHCM9788   Infect Diseases Intelligence
CRSCR02 1235Open6/40 15%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1234Open3/20 15%   (Course Enrolment, )
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* This class requires consent. Students cannot self-enrol.
# Timetable clash allowed.
/odd  Runs in odd weeks only.     /even  Runs in even weeks only.
Comb/w Jointly taught with corresponding class(es) for specified course(s). Capacity shown is effective capacity.
      Effective capacity is the class capacity less any places taken by students in the other jointly-taught classes.
[  ] Class capacity where different from effective capacity.
Shaded cells:  LEC Activity different from previous
Stop Status is Stop Further Enrolment, Tentative, Closed or Cancelled
100%   Class is full (> 100% means capacity is exceeded)
80%   Class is nearly full (80% or more)
50%   Class is half full
0%   Class is less than half full