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Subject Area - MBAX  Term - Term 2 2019

MBAX6271 (MG2) MBAX6273 (MG2) MBAX9101 (MG2) MBAX9120 (MG2) MBAX9125 (MG2) MBAX9130 (MG2)
MBAX9136 (EM3) MBAX9137 (MG2) MBAX9142 (MG2) MBAX9143 (MG2) MBAX9151 (MG2) MBAX9153 (MG2)
MBAX9154 (MG2) MBAX9155 (MG2) MBAX9202 (MG2)

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Comp Sect Class Type Status Enr/Cap % Full Times (weeks, Location) - default 1hour 
MBAX6271   Approaches to Change (MG2)
CRSCR02 1505Open25/300 8%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1504Open36/80 45%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX6273   Redesigning the Organisation (MG2)
CRSCR01 1506Full*55/55 100%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9101   Project Management (MG2)
CRSCR02 3688Open0/80 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 3687Open0/40 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9120   Accounting & Financial Mgmt (MG2)
CRSCR01 1960Open79/105 75%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9125   Managing People & Organisation (MG2)
CRSCR01 2197Open42/140 30%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9130   Enterprise Risk Management (MG2)
CRSCR01 1517Open35/80 44%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9136   Silicon Valley Study Tour (EM3)
CRSCR01 2812Tent*0/300 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9137   Advanced Finance (MG2)
CRSCR01 2035Open14/35 40%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9142   Financial Modelling (MG2)
CRSCR01 1641Open11/30 37%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9143   Strategic Management (MG2)
CRSCR03 1664Open*109/111 98%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR02 1663Open56/70 80%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 1662Open54/80 68%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9151   Law, Regulation & Ethics (MG2)
CRSCR02 2885Full45/45 100%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 2884Open21/36 58%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9153   Implementing Strategy (MG2)
CRSCR02 2888Full*44/44 100%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 2887Full*42/42 100%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9154   Managing with Digital Tech (MG2)
CRSCR02 2883Full40/40 100%   (Course Enrolment, )
CRSCR01 2882Open30/36 83%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9155   Strategic Consulting Project (MG2)
CRSCR01 2455Full*27/27 100%   (Course Enrolment, )
MBAX9202   Individual Research Project (MG2)
CRSCR01 1765Open*0/100 0%   (Course Enrolment, )
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* This class requires consent. Students cannot self-enrol.
# Timetable clash allowed.
/odd  Runs in odd weeks only.     /even  Runs in even weeks only.
Comb/w Jointly taught with corresponding class(es) for specified course(s). Capacity shown is effective capacity.
      Effective capacity is the class capacity less any places taken by students in the other jointly-taught classes.
[  ] Class capacity where different from effective capacity.
Shaded cells:  LEC Activity different from previous
Stop Status is Stop Further Enrolment, Tentative, Closed or Cancelled
100%   Class is full (> 100% means capacity is exceeded)
80%   Class is nearly full (80% or more)
50%   Class is half full
0%   Class is less than half full