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Subject Area - JURD  Term - Summer Semester 2018

JURD7130 (U1) JURD7222 (U1) JURD7285 (U1) JURD7307 (U1) JURD7308 (U1) JURD7312 (U1)
JURD7321 (U1) JURD7325 (U1) JURD7337 (U1) JURD7383 (U1) JURD7386 (U1) JURD7395 (U1)
JURD7399 (U1) JURD7413 (U1) JURD7423 (U1) JURD7434 (U1) JURD7441 (U1) JURD7486 (U1)
JURD7516 (U1) JURD7521 (U1) JURD7546 (U1) JURD7564 (U1) JURD7565 (U1) JURD7574 (U1)
JURD7610 (U1) JURD7615 (U1) JURD7632 (U1) JURD7775 (U1) JURD7787 (U1) JURD7823 (U1)
JURD7983 (U1)

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Comp Sect Class Type Status Enr/Cap % Full Times (weeks, Location) - default 1hour 
JURD7130   Lawyers, Ethics and Justice (U1)
LECA 1301EnrFull35/35 100%   Mon 09:30-16:30 (w2, Law 203); Tue 09:30-16:30 (w1, Law 203); Wed 09:30-16:30 (w1,3, Law 203); Thu 09:30-16:30 (w2-3, Law 203); Fri 09:30-16:30 (w2-3, Law 203) Comb/w LAWS1230-UGRD
JURD7222   Law and Social Theory (U1)
LEC1LC1 1263EnrOpen38/44 86%   Tue 18-21 (w1-3,5, Law 203); Thu 18-21 (w1-3,4, Law 203); Sat 09-17 (w1-3,4, Law 203) Comb/w JURD7632 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
LEC1LC2 1481EnrOpen31/43 72%   Tue 12-16:30 (w1-3,5, Law 303); Thu 12-16:30 (w1-3,4, Law 303); Fri 12-16:30 (w1-3,4, Law 303) Comb/w JURD7632 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
LEC1LC3 1511EnrOpen29/44 66%   Wed 12-16:30 (w1-3,5-7, Law 303); Thu 12-16:30 (w7, Law 303); Fri 12-16:30 (w1-2,4-6, BUS 220) Comb/w JURD7632 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
JURD7285   Equity and Trusts (U1)
LEC1LC1 1302EnrOpen51/56 91%   Mon 09-17 (w1, Law 203); Tue 09-17 (w2, Law 203); Wed 09-17 (w2,5-6, Law 203); Thu 09-17 (w1,5-6, Law 203) Comb/w LAWS2385-UGRD
LECTT02 1421EnrCanc0/0 N/A   Tue 15-17 (w3, Law 203)
TUTEXMT 1304RelOpen*1/0 N/A   Comb/w LAWS2385-UGRD
TUTTT01 1303RelOpen50/55 91%   Mon 15-17 (w3,6, Law 203); Tue 15-17 (w3,6, Law 203) Comb/w LAWS2385-UGRD
JURD7307   UNSW Law On Site Internships (U1)
PRJA 1121EnrOpen*3/30 10%  
JURD7308   UNSW Law Ext Host Internships (U1)
PRJA 1122EnrOpen*8/30 27%  
JURD7312   Indigenous Law Centre Student (U1)
PRJA 1113EnrOpen*1/30 3%  
JURD7321   Foundations of IP Law (U1)
LECA 1266EnrOpen24/26 92%   Mon 09-17 (w1,2, Law Th G02); Tue 09-17 (w1, Law Th G02); Wed 09-17 (w2, Law Th G04); Thu 09-17 (w1, Law Th G02); Fri 09-17 (w1, Law Th G02) Comb/w LAWS3021-UGRD
JURD7325   Advanced Contract Law (U1)
LECA 1264EnrOpen13/16 81%   Mon 14-18 (w1-2, Law 301); Tue 14-18 (w1-2, Law 301); Wed 14-18 (w1-2, Law 301); Thu 14-18 (w1-2, Law 301); Fri 14-18 (w1, Law 301) Comb/w LAWS3025-UGRD
JURD7337   Australian Consumer Law (U1)
LECA 1125EnrOpen12/20 60%   Tue Thu 09-17 (w5, Law 101); Thu Fri 09-17 (w4,6, Law 101)
JURD7383   Aust. Journal of Human Rights (U1)
PRJA 1114EnrOpen*0/30 0%  
JURD7386   Human Rights Defender (U1)
CLNA 1115EnrOpen*0/2 0%  
JURD7395   Interpretation of Contracts (U1)
LECA 1267EnrOpen17/23 74%   Mon 09-13 (w1-2, Law 301); Tue 09-13 (w1-2, Law 301); Wed 09-13 (w1-2, Law 301); Thu 09-13 (w1-2, Law 301); Fri 09-13 (w1, Law 301) Comb/w LAWS3395-UGRD
JURD7399   Funds Mgmt, Super & Insurance (U1)
LECA 1270EnrOpen11/24 46%   Thu 18-21 (w1-3,6-8, CBDcampus); Sat 09-12 (w2-3, Law 101) Comb/w LAWS8099
JURD7413   Housing Law (U1)
LECA 1265EnrOpen15/19 79%   Mon 09-16 (w5,8, Law 201); Wed 09-16 (w5,8, Law 201); Fri 09-16 (w5,8, Law 201) Comb/w LAWS3413-UGRD
JURD7423   Research Thesis: 4 uoc (U1)
THEA 1096EnrOpen*0/30 0%  
JURD7434   Research Thesis: Extended (U1)
THEA 1098EnrOpen*1/30 3%  
JURD7441   Law Journal (Issue Ed) (U1)
PRJA 1118EnrOpen*0/30 0%  
JURD7486   International Law Moot (U1)
PRJA 1117EnrOpen*1/30 3%  
JURD7516   Sport and the Law (U1)
LECA 1269EnrOpen18/19 95%   Sat 08-18 (w4,5, Law Th G02); Sat 09-13 (w3, Law Th G02); Sun 08-18 (w4,5, Law Th G02) Comb/w LAWS3812-UGRD
JURD7521   Research Project: 2 UOC (U1)
THEA 1095EnrOpen*0/30 0%  
JURD7546   Law and Tech Comp Perspectives (U1)
LECA 1086EnrOpen*5/10 50%  
JURD7564   UNSW Law Journal (Exec Editor) (U1)
PRJA 1123EnrOpen*0/1 0%  
JURD7565   UNSW Law Journal Editor (U1)
PRJA 1124EnrOpen*0/1 0%  
JURD7574   Social Impact Hub (Non-intens) (U1)
PRJA 1120EnrOpen*0/30 0%   Thu Fri 09-17 (w< 1, Law 275)
JURD7610   Mediation Competition (U1)
PRJA 1116EnrOpen*0/1 0%  
JURD7615   Explaining Punishment (U1)
LECA 1323EnrOpen18/20 90%   Tue 09-17 (w8, Law G17); Wed 09-17 (w7-8, Law G17); Thu 09-17 (w7, Law G17) Comb/w LAWS8015
JURD7632   Law and Social Theory (U1)
LEC1LC1 1268EnrOpen*0/0 N/A   Tue 18-21 (w1-3,5, Law 203); Thu 18-21 (w1-3,4, Law 203); Sat 09-17 (w1-3,4, Law 203) Comb/w JURD7222 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
LEC1LC2 1482EnrOpen*0/0 N/A   Tue 12-16:30 (w1-3,5, Law 303); Thu 12-16:30 (w1-3,4, Law 303); Fri 12-16:30 (w1-3,4, Law 303) Comb/w JURD7222 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
LEC1LC3 1512EnrOpen*0/0 N/A   Wed 12-16:30 (w1-3,5-7, Law 303); Thu 12-16:30 (w7, Law 303); Fri 12-16:30 (w1-2,4-6, BUS 220) Comb/w JURD7222 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
JURD7775   Social Impact Hub (Intensive) (U1)
PRJA 1119EnrOpen*3/30 10%   Thu Fri 09-17 (w< 1, Law 275)
JURD7787   Intro to American Legal System (U1)
LECA 1084EnrOpen*15/30 50%  
JURD7823   Research Thesis: 6 uoc (U1)
THEA 1097EnrOpen*1/30 3%  
JURD7983   Legal aid & justice lawyering (U1)
CLNCLN1 1354RelFull9/9 100%   Comb/w LAWS3383-UGRD
CLNCLN2 1355RelCanc*0/0 N/A  
LEC1LC1 1353EnrFull9/9 100%   Mon 09-17 (w8, Law 101); Tue 09-17 (w8, Law 101); Wed 09-17 (w8, Law 101); Thu 09-17 (w8, Law 101); Fri 09-17 (w8, Law 101) Comb/w LAWS3383-UGRD
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* This class requires consent. Students cannot self-enrol.
# Timetable clash allowed.
/odd  Runs in odd weeks only.     /even  Runs in even weeks only.
Comb/w Jointly taught with corresponding class(es) for specified course(s). Capacity shown is effective capacity.
      Effective capacity is the class capacity less any places taken by students in the other jointly-taught classes.
[  ] Class capacity where different from effective capacity.
Shaded cells:  LEC Activity different from previous
Stop Status is Stop Further Enrolment, Tentative, Closed or Cancelled
100%   Class is full (> 100% means capacity is exceeded)
80%   Class is nearly full (80% or more)
50%   Class is half full
0%   Class is less than half full