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Subject Area - JURD  Term - Term 1 2023

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JURD7161 JURD7175 JURD7222 JURD7223 JURD7224 JURD7250
JURD7251 JURD7270 JURD7271 JURD7272 JURD7273 JURD7274
JURD7283 JURD7285 JURD7301 JURD7303 JURD7304 JURD7305
JURD7333 JURD7361 JURD7372 JURD7383 JURD7414 JURD7420
JURD7431 JURD7434 JURD7437 (T1B) JURD7441 JURD7446 JURD7455
JURD7467 JURD7479 JURD7484 JURD7486 JURD7487 JURD7491
JURD7501 JURD7502 JURD7550 JURD7555 JURD7564 JURD7565
JURD7582 (T1A) JURD7598 JURD7608 JURD7610 JURD7613 (T1A) JURD7617
JURD7632 JURD7751 JURD7773 JURD7777 JURD7781 JURD7823

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Comp Sect Class Type Status Enr/Cap % Full Times (weeks, Location) - default 1hour 
JURD7121   Crime and the Criminal Process
CRSCR01 2143Open13/21 62%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7343EnrOpen38/44 86%   Tue 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Law 389); Thu 18-20 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 389)
LECB 7344EnrFull44/44 100%   Tue 09-11 (w1-5,7-10, Law 276); Thu 09-11 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 276)
LECC 7345EnrOpen43/44 98%   Tue 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Law 276); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 276)
LECD 7346EnrOpen9/27 33%   Mon 18-20 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Online)
LECE 7347EnrFull24/20 > 100%   Mon 14-16 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS1021-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7348RelOpen158/179 88%  
JURD7130   Lawyers, Ethics and Justice
CRSCR01 2144Open4/14 29%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7338EnrCanc0/0 N/A   Tue 18-20 (w1-5,7-10); Thu 18-20 (w1-5,7,9-10)
LECB 7339EnrOpen19/30 63%   Tue 09-11 (w1-5,7-10, Law 163); Thu 09-11 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 163)
LECC 7340EnrTent0/0 N/A   Tue 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online)
LECD 7341EnrOpen4/7 57%   Mon 16-18 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 16-18 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS1230-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7342RelOpen23/37 62%  
JURD7150   Principles of Private Law
CRSCR01 2145Open7/27 26%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7328EnrFull41/41 100%   Tue 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Law 201); Thu 18-20 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 201) Comb/w LAWS1150-UGRD
LECB 7329EnrFull40/40 100%   Mon 14-16 (w1-5,7-8,10, Law 201); Wed 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, Law 201) Comb/w LAWS1150-UGRD
LECC 7330EnrOpen13/40 33%   Mon 11-13 (w1-5,7-8,10, Law 201); Wed 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Law 201) Comb/w LAWS1150-UGRD
LECD 7331EnrFull27/27 100%   Mon 16-18 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 16-18 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS1150-UGRD
LECE 7332EnrTent0/0 N/A   Mon 18-20 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS1150-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7333RelOpen121/148 82%   Comb/w LAWS1150-UGRD
JURD7152   Introducing Law & Justice
CRSCR01 2146Open5/17 29%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6909EnrOpen33/35 94%   Mon 18-20 (w1-5,7-8,10, Law 275); Wed 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Law 275)
LECB 6910EnrOpen27/35 77%   Tue 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, Law 201); Thu 14-16 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 201)
LECC 6911EnrOpen33/35 94%   Tue 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Law 201); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 201)
LECD 6912EnrTent0/0 N/A   Mon 16-18 (w1-5,7-8,10, Law 201); Wed 16-18 (w1-5,7-10, Law 201)
LECE 6913EnrOpen25/30 83%   Mon 11-13 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online)
LECF 6914EnrTent0/0 N/A   Tue 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online)
JURD7155   Legal Research and Writing
CRSCR01 2147Open5/41 12%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 9611EnrOpen42/44 95%   Wed 10-12 (w1-5,7-9, Law G17)
LECB 9612EnrOpen42/44 95%   Thu 14-16 (w1-5,7-9, Law G17)
LECC 9613EnrOpen9/44 20%   Thu 09-11 (w1-5,7-9, Law G17)
LECD 9614EnrOpen28/30 93%   Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7-9, Online)
LECE 9615EnrTent0/0 N/A   Thu 16-18 (w1-5,7-9, Online)
WEBWEB1 9616RelOpen121/162 75%  
JURD7160   Administrative Law
CRSCR01 1065Full7/7 100%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6894EnrFull44/44 100%   Tue 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Law 101); Thu 18-20 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 101)
LECB 6895EnrTent0/0 N/A   Tue 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Law Th G02); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law Th G02)
LECC 6896EnrTent0/0 N/A   Mon 18-20 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Online)
LECD 6897EnrTent0/0 N/A   Mon 09-11 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 09-11 (w1-5,7-10, Online)
LECE 6898EnrOpen25/27 [32] 93%   Mon 11-13 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS1160-UGRD
WEBWEB1 6899RelOpen69/76 91%  
JURD7161   Torts
CRSCR01 1066Open9/16 56%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6922EnrOpen27/32 84%   Mon 18-20 (w1-5,7-8,10, Law 202); Wed 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Law 202) Comb/w LAWS1061-UGRD
LECB 6923EnrTent0/0 N/A   Tue 16-18 (w1-5,7-10, TETB LG05); Thu 16-18 (w1-5,7,9-10, TETB LG07) Comb/w LAWS1061-UGRD
LECC 6924EnrFull32/32 100%   Tue 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Law 275); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 275) Comb/w LAWS1061-UGRD
LECD 6925EnrFull22/22 100%   Mon 16-18 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 16-18 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS1061-UGRD
LECE 6926EnrOpen11/22 50%   Mon 11-13 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS1061-UGRD
WEBWEB1 6927RelOpen92/108 85%   Comb/w LAWS1061-UGRD
JURD7175   Contracts
CRSCR01 1067Open12/13 92%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7334EnrFull44/44 100%   Mon 18-20 (w1-5,7-8,10, Law 201); Wed 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Law 201)
LECB 7335EnrOpen17/30 57%   Tue 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online)
LECC 7336EnrFull22/22 100%   Tue 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Thu 18-20 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS1075-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7337RelOpen83/96 86%  
JURD7222   Law and Social Theory
CRSCR01 1068Open0/1 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6915EnrOpen13/14 93%   Mon 11-13 (w1-5,7-8,10, Col LG02); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Col LG02) Comb/w JURD7632 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
LECB 6916EnrTent0/0 N/A   Mon 14-16 (w1-5,7-8,10, TETB LG07); Thu 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, TETB LG07) Comb/w JURD7632 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
WEBWEB1 6917RelOpen13/14 93%   Comb/w JURD7632 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
JURD7223   Legal Theory
CRSCR01 1069Open1/2 50%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6918EnrFull11/11 100%   Tue 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Fri 11-13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online) Comb/w JURD7431 LAWS2320-UGRD LAWS3331-UGRD
LECB 6919EnrOpen5/7 71%   Tue 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, OMB 230); Fri 14-16 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law Th G02) Comb/w JURD7431 LAWS2320-UGRD LAWS3331-UGRD
LECC 6920EnrTent0/0 N/A   Tue 09-11 (w1-5,7-10, Law Th G04); Fri 09-11 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law Th G02) Comb/w JURD7431 LAWS2320-UGRD LAWS3331-UGRD
WEBWEB1 6921RelOpen16/18 89%   Comb/w JURD7431 LAWS2320-UGRD LAWS3331-UGRD
JURD7224   Business Associations
CRSCR01 1070Full4/4 100%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6900EnrFull44/44 100%   Mon 18-20 (w1-5,7-8,10, Law 101); Wed 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Law 101)
LECB 6901EnrTent0/0 N/A   Tue 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online)
LECC 6902EnrOpen24/28 86%   Tue 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Thu 18-20 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS1091-UGRD
WEBWEB1 6903RelOpen68/72 94%  
JURD7250   Federal Constitutional Law
CRSCR01 1071Open1/30 3%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6904EnrOpen17/44 39%   Mon 18-20 (w1-5,7-8,10, Law Th G02); Wed 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Law Th G02)
LECB 6905EnrTent0/0 N/A   Mon 16-18 (w1-5,7-8,10, Law 275); Wed 16-18 (w1-5,7-10, Law 275)
LECC 6906EnrTent0/0 N/A   Tue 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Thu 14-16 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online)
LECD 6907EnrOpen17/20 85%   Tue 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS2150-UGRD
WEBWEB1 6908RelOpen34/64 53%  
JURD7251   Court Process, Evidence, Proof
CRSCR01 1072Open5/7 71%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7353EnrOpen41/48 85%   Mon 17-19 (w1-5,7-8,10, SEB G07); Wed 17-19 (w1-5,7-10, Law 203) Comb/w LAWS2351-UGRD
LECB 7354EnrTent0/0 N/A   Mon 14-16 (w1-5,7-8,10, SEB G07); Wed 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, SEB G07) Comb/w LAWS2351-UGRD
LECC 7355EnrTent0/0 N/A   Mon 11-13 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS2351-UGRD
LECD 7356EnrFull28/28 100%   Mon 14-16 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS2351-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7357RelOpen69/76 91%   Comb/w LAWS2351-UGRD
JURD7270   Law in the Global Context
CRSCR01 1073Open2/9 22%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7366EnrOpen32/41 78%   Tue 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Law 275); Thu 18-20 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 275) Comb/w LAWS2270-UGRD
LECB 7367EnrFull40/40 100%   Tue 09-11 (w1-5,7-10, Law 302); Thu 09-11 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 302) Comb/w LAWS2270-UGRD
LECC 7368EnrFull28/28 100%   Tue 16-18 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Thu 16-18 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS2270-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7369RelOpen100/109 92%   Comb/w LAWS2270-UGRD
JURD7271   Resolving Civil Disputes
CRSCR01 1074Open6/7 86%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7349EnrOpen43/50 86%   Tue 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Law 203); Thu 18-20 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 203)
LECB 7350EnrTent0/0 N/A   Tue 17 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Thu 17 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online)
LECC 7351EnrFull19/19 100%   Tue 13 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Thu 13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS2371-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7352RelOpen62/69 90%  
JURD7272   Transitional: LRW - Aust Law
CRSCR01 1075Open1/26 4%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7889EnrOpen17/43 40%   Mon 09-11 (w1-4, Online)
LECB 7890EnrTent0/0 N/A   Tue 14-16 (w1-4, Online)
LECC 7891EnrTent0/0 N/A   Wed 18-20 (w1-4, Online)
JURD7273   Transitional: Crim Procedure
CRSCR01 1076Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECLEC110173EnrOpen*0/5 0%  
JURD7274   Transitional:LRW-Foreign & Int
CRSCR01 1077Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECLEC110178EnrOpen*0/5 0%  
JURD7283   Land Law
CRSCR01 1078Open1/12 8%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7362EnrOpen37/39 95%   Tue 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Law G17); Thu 18-20 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law G17) Comb/w LAWS2383-UGRD
LECB 7363EnrOpen15/25 60%   Mon 09-11 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 09-11 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS2383-UGRD
LECC 7364EnrTent0/0 N/A   Mon 16-18 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 16-18 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS2383-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7365RelOpen52/64 81%   Comb/w LAWS2383-UGRD
JURD7285   Equity and Trusts
CRSCR01 1079Open7/17 41%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7358EnrFull38/38 100%   Mon 14-16 (w1-5,7-8,10, Law Th G02); Wed 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, Law Th G02) Comb/w LAWS2385-UGRD
LECB 7359EnrOpen9/23 39%   Mon 11-13 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS2385-UGRD
LECC 7360EnrOpen20/23 87%   Mon 18-20 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Wed 18-20 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS2385-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7361RelOpen67/84 80%   Comb/w LAWS2385-UGRD
JURD7301   Health and Medical Law
CRSCR01 1080Open1/5 20%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6946EnrOpen4/6 67%   Wed 09-16 (w1-5,7, Online) Comb/w LAWS3401-UGRD
LECB10656EnrOpen4/7 57%   Mon 09-16 (w1-5,7, Online) Comb/w LAWS3401-UGRD
JURD7303   KLC Community Clinic Intensive
CRSCR01 1081Open*0/3 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
CLNA 6941EnrOpen*5/8 63%   Wed 16-18 (w1-5,7-10, Law 276) Comb/w JURD7304 JURD7305 LAWS3303-UGRD LAWS3304-UGRD LAWS3305-UGRD
JURD7304   KLC Community Clinic Non-Inten
CRSCR01 1082Open*0/1 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
CLNA 6940EnrOpen*2/3 67%   Wed 16-18 (w1-5,7-10, Law 276) Comb/w JURD7303 JURD7305 LAWS3303-UGRD LAWS3304-UGRD LAWS3305-UGRD
JURD7305   KLC Employment Clinic (Inten)
CRSCR01 1083Open*0/1 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
CLNA 6942EnrOpen*2/3 67%   Wed 16-18 (w1-5,7-10, Law 276) Comb/w JURD7303 JURD7304 LAWS3303-UGRD LAWS3304-UGRD LAWS3305-UGRD
JURD7333   Law of Banking
CRSCR01 1084Open0/6 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6957EnrOpen8/14 57%   Wed 15-18 (w1-5,7-10, Col LG02) Comb/w LAWS3133-UGRD
WEBWEB1 6958RelOpen8/14 57%   Comb/w LAWS3133-UGRD
JURD7361   Environmental Law
CRSCR01 1085Full3/3 100%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6943EnrOpen12/15 80%   Tue 13-16 (w1-5,7-10, Law Th G02) Comb/w LAWS3361-UGRD
WEBWEB1 6944RelOpen12/15 80%   Comb/w LAWS3361-UGRD
JURD7372   Aust. Immigration Law & Prac.
CRSCR01 1025Open0/15 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6939EnrOpen11/26 42%   Wed 09-17 (w1-5,7, Law 203) Comb/w LAWS3272-UGRD
JURD7383   Aust. Journal of Human Rights
CRSCR01 1086Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
OTHOTH110025EnrOpen*0/5 0%  
JURD7414   Insolvency Law
CRSCR01 1087Open0/6 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7006EnrOpen8/14 57%   Tue 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, Law 203); Fri 14-16 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law 203) Comb/w LAWS3014-UGRD
JURD7420   Intnl Comm Dispute Resolution
CRSCR01 1088Full1/1 100%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7013EnrOpen11/12 92%   Mon 10-12 (w1-5,7, Online) Comb/w LAWS8020
JURD7431   Legal Theory
CRSCR01 1089Open*0/2 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6953EnrOpen*0/1 0%   Tue 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Online); Fri 11-13 (w1-5,7,9-10, Online) Comb/w JURD7223 LAWS2320-UGRD LAWS3331-UGRD
LECB 6954EnrOpen*0/1 0%   Tue 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, OMB 230); Fri 14-16 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law Th G02) Comb/w JURD7223 LAWS2320-UGRD LAWS3331-UGRD
LECC 6955EnrTent*0/0 N/A   Tue 09-11 (w1-5,7-10, Law Th G04); Fri 09-11 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law Th G02) Comb/w JURD7223 LAWS2320-UGRD LAWS3331-UGRD
WEBWEB1 6956RelOpen*0/2 0%   Comb/w JURD7223 LAWS2320-UGRD LAWS3331-UGRD
JURD7434   Research Thesis: Extended
CRSCR01 1090Open*0/10 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
THETHE110029EnrOpen*0/10 0%  
JURD7437   SurveillanceSecurityDemocracy (T1B)
CRSCR01 3014Open0/0 N/A   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6963EnrFull12/12 100%   Mon 09-17 (w1, Online); Tue 09-17 (w1, Online); Thu 09-17 (w1, Online); Fri 09-17 (w1, Online) Comb/w LAWS8037
JURD7441   Law Journal (Issue Ed)
CRSCR01 1091Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
OTHOTH110027EnrOpen*0/5 0%  
JURD7446   Intellectual Property 1
CRSCR01 1092Full1/1 100%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7004EnrOpen10/11 91%   Mon 09-12 (w1-5,7-8,10, SEB G05) Comb/w LAWS3046-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7005RelOpen10/11 91%   Comb/w LAWS3046-UGRD
JURD7455   Responses to Corp. Wrongdoing
CRSCR01 1023Open0/8 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 8569EnrOpen3/11 27%   Mon 09-12 (w1-5,7, CivEng 701); Thu 09-12 (w1-5,7, SEB G05) Comb/w LAWS3155-UGRD
JURD7467   International Criminal Law
CRSCR01 1093Open0/4 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7144EnrOpen6/10 60%   Wed 09-12 (w1-5,7-10, SEB G07) Comb/w LAWS3067-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7145RelOpen6/10 60%   Comb/w LAWS3067-UGRD
JURD7479   International Investment Law
CRSCR01 1094Full1/1 100%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6966EnrOpen9/10 90%   Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7, Law 302) Comb/w LAWS8079
WEBWEB1 6967RelOpen9/10 90%   Comb/w LAWS8079
JURD7484   International Trade Law
CRSCR01 1095Open1/6 17%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6949EnrOpen8/14 57%   Thu 13-16 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS3084-UGRD
JURD7486   International Law Moot
CRSCR01 1096Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
OTHOTH110026EnrOpen*0/5 0%  
JURD7487   Intl Law & Use of Force
CRSCR01 1097Full1/1 100%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6968EnrOpen9/10 90%   Wed 18-21 (w4-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS8087
JURD7491   Family Law
CRSCR01 1098Full3/3 100%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6945EnrOpen12/15 80%   Mon 14-16 (w1-5,7-8,10, Online); Thu 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS3391-UGRD
JURD7501   Law, Gender and Sexuality
CRSCR01 1024Open0/11 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 9720EnrOpen0/11 0%   Tue 13-17 (w1-5,7-10, Law Th G23) Comb/w LAWS3501-UGRD
JURD7502   Environment Court Clinic
CRSCR01 1099Open*0/1 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
CLNCLN110122EnrOpen*4/5 80%  
JURD7550   Data Privacy Law
CRSCR01 1100Open2/7 29%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 9648EnrOpen3/10 30%   Mon 11-13 (w1-5,7-8,10, Law 163); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Law 163) Comb/w LAWS3250-UGRD
JURD7555   UNSW Law Internships
CRSCR02 1102Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECWEB10664EnrOpen*0/5 0%  
CRSCR01 1101Open*0/26 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 8570EnrOpen*3/15 20%   Tue 17-19 (w1,3,5,9, Law 302); Tue 17-20 (w10, Law 302) Comb/w LAWS3555-UGRD
LECB 8571EnrTent*0/0 N/A   Wed 17-19 (w1,3,5,9, Law 302); Wed 17-20 (w10, Law 302) Comb/w LAWS3555-UGRD
LECC 8572EnrOpen*1/15 7%   Thu 17-19 (w1,3,5,9, Law 163); Thu 17-20 (w10, Law 163) Comb/w LAWS3555-UGRD
WEBWEB1 8573RelOpen*4/45 9%   Comb/w LAWS3555-UGRD
JURD7564   UNSW Law Journal (Exec Editor)
CRSCR01 1103Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
OTHOTH110032EnrOpen*0/5 0%  
JURD7565   UNSW Law Journal Editor
CRSCR01 1104Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
OTHOTH110034EnrOpen*0/5 0%  
JURD7582   Int Human Right Law & Advocacy (T1A)
CRSCR01 3047Open1/9 11%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6947EnrOpen2/11 18%   Mon 09-12 (w1-5, Law Th G23); Thu 09-12 (w1-5, Law Th G23) Comb/w LAWS3182-UGRD
WEBWEB1 6948RelOpen2/11 18%   Comb/w LAWS3182-UGRD
JURD7598   Sentencing & Criminal Justice
CRSCR01 3069Open0/0 N/A   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA10632EnrFull6/6 100%   Thu 17:30-20:30 (w1-4,6-10, Law 160); Sat 09-17 (w9, Law 160)
JURD7608   Older People & the Law
CRSCR01 3071Open0/9 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 9838EnrOpen7/16 44%   Tue 09-12 (w1-5,7-10, SEB G05) Comb/w LAWS3208-UGRD
WEBWEB1 9839RelOpen7/16 44%   Comb/w LAWS3208-UGRD
JURD7610   Mediation Competition
CRSCR01 1105Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
OTHOTH110028EnrOpen*0/5 0%  
JURD7613   Indigenous Peoples in Intl Law (T1A)
CRSCR01 2077Full1/1 100%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6964EnrOpen1/2 50%   Thu 13-16 (w1-4, Online) Comb/w LAWS3713-UGRD LAWS8413
JURD7617   Intellectual Property Law
CRSCR01 1106Open0/0 N/A   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7007EnrFull14/14 100%   Fri 13-17 (w1-5,7, Mat 214) Comb/w LAWS8017
JURD7632   Law and Social Theory
CRSCR01 1107Open*0/0 N/A   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6950EnrFull*1/1 100%   Mon 11-13 (w1-5,7-8,10, Col LG02); Thu 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Col LG02) Comb/w JURD7222 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
LECB 6951EnrTent*0/0 N/A   Mon 14-16 (w1-5,7-8,10, TETB LG07); Thu 14-16 (w1-5,7-10, TETB LG07) Comb/w JURD7222 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
WEBWEB1 6952RelFull*1/1 100%   Comb/w JURD7222 LAWS2820-UGRD LAWS3332-UGRD
JURD7751   Business Taxation
CRSCR01 1108Open0/0 N/A   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7677EnrFull11/11 100%   Fri 11-14 (w1-5,7,9-10, Law Th G02) Comb/w LAWS3751-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7678RelFull11/11 100%   Comb/w LAWS3751-UGRD
JURD7773   Cities, Planning, Law, Justice
CRSCR01 1109Open1/2 50%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 7642EnrOpen8/10 80%   Thu 12-15 (w1-5,7-10, Online) Comb/w LAWS3073-UGRD
WEBWEB1 7643RelOpen8/10 80%   Comb/w LAWS3073-UGRD
JURD7777   Law Internships Extended
CRSCR01 3416Open*0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
OTHOTH110416EnrOpen*0/5 0%  
JURD7781   International Human Rights
CRSCR01 1110Full1/1 100%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6965EnrOpen7/8 88%   Mon 18-21 (w1-5,7, Online) Comb/w LAWS8181
JURD7823   Research Thesis: 6 uoc
CRSCR01 1111Open*0/10 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
THETHE110030EnrOpen*0/10 0%  
JURD7992   Securities & Finance Mkt Reg
CRSCR01 1112Open2/3 67%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 6969EnrOpen5/8 63%   Wed 18-20 (w1-4, CBDcampus); Sat 09-13 (w5-7,9-10, Law 101) Comb/w LAWS8092
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* This class requires consent. Students cannot self-enrol.
# Timetable clash allowed.
/odd  Runs in odd weeks only.     /even  Runs in even weeks only.
Comb/w Jointly taught with corresponding class(es) for specified course(s). Capacity shown is effective capacity.
      Effective capacity is the class capacity less any places taken by students in the other jointly-taught classes.
[  ] Class capacity where different from effective capacity.
Shaded cells:  LEC Activity different from previous
Stop Status is Stop Further Enrolment, Tentative, Closed or Cancelled
100%   Class is full (> 100% means capacity is exceeded)
80%   Class is nearly full (80% or more)
50%   Class is half full
0%   Class is less than half full