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Subject Area - CRIM  Term - Term 2 2022

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Comp Sect Class Type Status Enr/Cap % Full Times (weeks, Location) - default 1hour 
CRIM1011   Intro to Criminal Justice
CRSCR01 2698Full21/21 100%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
LECA 6290RelOpen229/250 92%   Mon 11-13 (w1-2,4-5,7-10, AinswthG03)
TUTM13A 6291EnrOpen20/25 80%   Mon 13 (w1-2,4-5,7-10, Law 389)
TUTM14A 6292EnrFull25/25 100%   Mon 14 (w1-2,4-5,7-10, Law 389)
TUTM15A 6293EnrFull25/25 100%   Mon 15 (w1-2,4-5,7-10, Law 389)
TUTT13A 6294EnrFull25/25 100%   Tue 13 (w1-5,7-10, Law G17)
TUTT14A 6295EnrFull25/25 100%   Tue 14 (w1-5,7-10, Law 111)
TUTT15A 6296EnrOpen23/25 92%   Tue 15 (w1-5,7-10, Online)
TUTT16A 6297EnrFull25/25 100%   Tue 16 (w1-5,7-10, Law 202)
TUTW09A 6298EnrOpen18/25 72%   Wed 09 (w1-5,7-10, Online)
TUTW10A 6299EnrOpen18/25 72%   Wed 10 (w1-5,7-10, Online)
TUTW11A 6300EnrFull25/25 100%   Wed 11 (w1-5,7-10, Online)
CRIM2014   Issues in Policing
CRSCR01 2697Full3/3 100%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
SEMH11A 5512EnrOpen41/44 93%   Thu 11-14 (w1-5,7-10, Law Th G23)
CRIM2020   Criminal Law and Justice 1
CRSCR01 2696Open4/19 21%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
SEMA 5867EnrOpen25/44 57%   Tue 09-12 (w1-5,7-10, Quad G034)
SEMB 5868EnrTent0/0 N/A   Tue 12-15 (w1-5,7-10, Law 388)
SEMC 5869EnrCanc0/0 N/A   Mon 12 (w1-2,4-5,7-10)
CRIM2021   Criminal Law and Justice 2
CRSCR01 2695Full5/5 100%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
SEMA 5870EnrOpen41/44 93%   Mon 09-12 (w1-2,4-5,7-10, Law G17)
SEMB 5871EnrTent0/0 N/A   Fri 13-16 (w1-5,7-10, BUS 115)
SEMC 5872EnrOpen42/44 95%   Mon 13-16 (w1-2,4-5,7-10, Law 162)
SEMD 5873EnrCanc0/0 N/A   Mon 17 (w1-2,4-5,7-10)
CRIM2031   Indigenous Perspective
CRSCR01 2694Open4/12 33%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
SEMA 7023EnrOpen32/44 73%   Thu 10-13 (w1-5,7-10, TETB LG07)
SEMB 7024EnrTent0/0 N/A   Thu 13-16 (w1-5,7-10, Sqhouse206)
CRIM2032   Disability in Criminal Justice
CRSCR01 2693Stop2/42 5%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
SEMT10A 6995EnrOpen2/44 5%   Tue 10-13 (w1-5,7-10, Law 389)
SEMT15A 6996EnrTent0/0 N/A   Tue 15-18 (w1-5,7-10, Law 388)
CRIM2038   Young People&Juvenile Justice
CRSCR01 2692Open5/6 83%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
LECA 6997RelOpen71/77 92%   Tue 12-14 (w1-5,7-10, Online)
TUTT14A 6998EnrFull26/26 100%   Tue 14 (w1-5,7-10, Law 389)
TUTT16A 6999EnrOpen18/25 72%   Tue 16 (w1-5,7-10, Law 301)
TUTW15A 7000EnrFull27/27 100%   Wed 15 (w1-5,7-10, Online)
CRIM3000   Criminology in Practice
CRSCR01 2691Open4/5 80%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
LECWEB1 5360RelOpen95/100 95%  
TUTW11A 5359EnrOpen95/100 95%   Wed 11-13 (w1-5,7-10, Rex Vowels)
CRIM4001   Criminology Honours
CRSCR01 2690Open1/17 6%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
HONHON110107EnrOpen3/20 15%  
CRIM4002   Criminology Honours
CRSCR01 2689Open1/18 6%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
HONHON110109EnrOpen2/20 10%  
CRIM4003   Criminology Honours
CRSCR01 2688Open0/20 0%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
HONHON110110EnrOpen0/20 0%  
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* This class requires consent. Students cannot self-enrol.
# Timetable clash allowed.
/odd  Runs in odd weeks only.     /even  Runs in even weeks only.
Comb/w Jointly taught with corresponding class(es) for specified course(s). Capacity shown is effective capacity.
      Effective capacity is the class capacity less any places taken by students in the other jointly-taught classes.
[  ] Class capacity where different from effective capacity.
Shaded cells:  LEC Activity different from previous
Stop Status is Stop Further Enrolment, Tentative, Closed or Cancelled
100%   Class is full (> 100% means capacity is exceeded)
80%   Class is nearly full (80% or more)
50%   Class is half full
0%   Class is less than half full