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Subject Area - COMP  Term - Summer Term 2022

COMP3511 COMP9024 COMP9301 COMP9511 COMP9901 (U1R) COMP9902 (U1R)

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Comp Sect Class Type Status Enr/Cap % Full Times (weeks, Location) - default 1hour 
COMP3511   Human Computer Interaction
CRSCR01 1991Open0/19 0%   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
LEC1UGA 1995RelOpen44/63 70%   Tue 16-18 (Online); Thu 16-18 (Online); Fri 16-18 (Online) Comb/w COMP9511-PGRD
TLBH18A 1996EnrOpen16/21 76%   Tue 18-20 (Online); Thu 18-20 (Online)
TLBT14A 1997EnrOpen11/21 52%   Tue 14-16 (Online); Thu 14-16 (Online)
TLBT14B 1998EnrClosed0/19 0%   Tue 14-16 (Online); Fri 12-14 (Online)
TLBT14C 1999EnrClosed0/19 0%   Tue 14-16 (Online); Thu 14-16 (Online)
TLBT18A 2000EnrOpen17/21 81%   Tue 18-20 (Online); Thu 18-20 (Online)
COMP9024   Data Structures & Algorithms
CRSCR01 1119Open0/143 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LECA 1720EnrOpen60/200 30%   Mon 18-21 (Online); Tue 18-21 (Online); Wed 18-20 (Online)
COMP9301   Cyber Security Project
CRSCR01 1367Open0/0 N/A   (Course Enrolment, UGRD)
PRJPRJ1 1929EnrFull1/1 100%  
CRSCR01 1136Open0/1 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
PRJPRJ1 1928EnrOpen0/1 0%  
COMP9511   Human Computer Interaction
CRSCR01 1990Open0/9 0%   (Course Enrolment, PGRD)
LEC1PGA 2001RelOpen34/42 81%   Tue 16-18 (Online); Thu 16-18 (Online); Fri 16-18 (Online) Comb/w COMP3511-UGRD
TLBH12A 2002EnrOpen20/21 95%   Thu 12-14 (Online); Fri 12-14 (Online)
TLBW14A 2003EnrOpen14/21 67%   Wed 14-16 (Online); Thu 18-20 (Online)
COMP9901   P/T Res. Thesis Comp Sci & Eng (U1R)
CRSCR01 1076Open0/20 0%   (Course Enrolment, RSCH)
THETHE1 1501EnrOpen15/35 43%  
COMP9902   Res. Thesis Comp Sci & Eng F/T (U1R)
CRSCR01 1077Open0/5 0%   (Course Enrolment, RSCH)
THETHE1 1502EnrOpen143/148 97%  
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* This class requires consent. Students cannot self-enrol.
# Timetable clash allowed.
/odd  Runs in odd weeks only.     /even  Runs in even weeks only.
Comb/w Jointly taught with corresponding class(es) for specified course(s). Capacity shown is effective capacity.
      Effective capacity is the class capacity less any places taken by students in the other jointly-taught classes.
[  ] Class capacity where different from effective capacity.
Shaded cells:  LEC Activity different from previous
Stop Status is Stop Further Enrolment, Tentative, Closed or Cancelled
100%   Class is full (> 100% means capacity is exceeded)
80%   Class is nearly full (80% or more)
50%   Class is half full
0%   Class is less than half full